Pave-Mix can install a bitumen driveway to your commercial property, rural property or home.

Asphalt is easy to install, particularly when compared to alternative paving products and has a lower preliminary price compared to concrete and other driveway surfacing products. One of the greatest benefits of a bitumen driveway is its load bearing capacity not matched by other surfaces. This makes it suitable for heavier and more frequent vehicle usage.


Pave-Mix offers a complete driveway surfacing and works service. We can supply and install:

  • Earthworks and levelling 
  • Concrete kerbing in different profiles and colours
  • Stormwater drainage for the driveway with reinforced concrete soakwells
  • Traffic grated lids and drainage points
  • PVC piping and chanelling

Council Regulations

Inside your property no council approval is generally required. If the driveway crosses council land then compliance may be required with council guidelines and material specifications (subject to further enquiries to Council). This will vary from council to council and we will assist you in your negotiations.